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Ever since the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper took a pill and unlocked the door to all his cognitive potential, we’ve been searching for something that can do the same for us. Clearly, there’s no pill as off the chain as the Limitless pill, but what if our goal is a more reasonable “significant improvement” instead of an actual monumental transformation? Is there something out there that can give us that? I Ordered, I Tried, and here are the Results Shipping of my bottle of IQ Plus Brain was very quick and I received it within 3 days of my purchase. Of course, the first thing I did was check out the ingredients on their Supplement Facts sheet on the back of the bottle. The ingredients are safe with only minimal normal side effects which show up very rarely. One thing that did stand out though was how similar it was to the Neuro 3x bottle which I tried several months ago. The ingredients are identical as well. Perhaps the way the combined the ingredients is what makes this supplement different.